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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome - The Beginning

Hello everyone,

Welcome & firstly thank you for taking the time to read this blog page. I'm very aware that there are millions of blogs out in the big WWW and I very much appreciate that you have chosen to take a squiz at this one today.

I really look forward to sharing this rather significant process of transformation that I'm embarking upon in this life with you all. It is my intention to offer up questions, insights and information as I discover it to stretch the current world awareness of what gender is, what it isn't and that like a lot of things, certainly suggest that is far from being black and white (male and female).

When we are born into this world (if parents don't already know) I believe the first words uttered out of everyone's mouth in the delivery room is "It's a beautiful baby ..." and then there is a lot of tears, love, pain, joy and every other emotion that comes with this amazing life gift of an occassion.

I pose the question at this time rather than assume, what if that beautiful little being at that time could speak? Would it not be reasonable to say to the beautiful creature "what & who are you really?" because I get a sense their answer may be remarkably different from what everyone in the room has grown up and learnt to know and expect.

I personally would have loved to have been asked this question and to have had the permission and opportunity to begin living as this. I certainly feel I would have caused my parents a lot less grief, that is for sure, perhaps we would even be good friends now.

I knew who I was, yet everyone around me for the next 10 years or so felt compelled to tell me different because of a physical construct and idea they had learnt themselves of who they thought I was ... well except for maybe my best friend in junior school Macca who always used to tease me..."are you a girl or a guy?" surname being Guy, but really ... EXACTLY!!

Eventually though I didn't have the strength to keep fighting this so I just gave in to what society said was so and buried and silenced myself (uh oh!! in the words of Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive "big big mistake...HUGE").

Finally 20 years on, feeling like I have the grounding, tools, courage and permission to speak my truth with the help and support of some truly amazing beings in this world (moved to tears just thinking about them).

HERE I AM and I am here to stay ... HELLO :-) It's a pleasure to see you all!

Many are asking me right now what do I want to be called and I say either name is good for now, I love both names Anna & Andrew very much.

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