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Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things we wish we knew before starting

Hello fabulous readers,

This has been a big couple of weeks I have to say, within the space of a 3 days I have had a some fairly big things take place, including a joyous and painful experience of seeing my ex partner (for many reasons - life is by golly a very big paradox), having to find a new place to stay within 48 hrs notice, being advised that my work is winding up sooner than expected, and receiving some medical advice which means I'll probably be looking at one of the surgeries sooner than I had anticipated. So yeh big'ISH' week!!! It's all good though, I love big shifts, so much learning happens during these times, it's an amazing gift!

I thought whilst I continue to develop the next video blog (which has been slightly delayed due my attention being needed on the above) I would like to give you an insight into the 'Transitioning female-to-male in Australia' Handbook. Yes, yes this does exist, all 525 pages of it, with everything you want and don't want to know about this process. Fascinating read, some of which I agree is my experience and other sections which are no where near. So I'll be offering up parts of this with comment over the coming months. 


1. Plenty of people will find you attractive (appearing to be the case although I believe this is more of an energetic attraction rather than physical. Plenty of my lesbian friends are all like 'eww' to the small bum fluff appearing on my chin - I love stirring them - tee hee hee!)

2. There is no reason to rush anything (not necessarily always the case yet good advice if you have a lot of fear around this - everyone's process is their own)

3. Passing is easier than you think (oh my god this is like 2 years away at least of me thinking about so 'no comment')

4. There is no reason to hold yourself back if you want to transition (yes looking within and deciding, is to me the biggest moment)

5. The people who have known you the longest might be the ones that understand you the least (yes this has been my experience with the exception of a few close friends)

6. The truth of who you are is not up for debate (ha! not at all, I've LOVED the debates bring them on, I've discovered so much)

7. There is no checklist. Your mannerisms, sexuality, relationship with your body and medical procedures are entirely up to you (thank goodness for this)

8. A lot of people will have questions, only answer those ones you want to (nup, bring them on, I love answering them all)

9. When it comes to your own questions about your transition, there are no silly ones, ask as many of them as many times as you want to (I would even add here the quality of the questions you ask will assist with the quality of the answers you receive)

10. Be yourself. You'll be fine. (Who am I again? HA!)

First photographs coming soon!

Much love xo

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