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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letter From A Reader

I get quite a few of these types of emails and facebook messages at the moment and have been given permission to share this one. I share this one, not for the kind accolades offered, which may appear to be the reason at first glance, instead I share it for it's deep & insightful questioning of who are we beyond our "shell'. This is an amazing and can be a very uncomfortable space to exist in while personally evolving. I see this blog as a space for also reading about the larger picture of 'sense of self' & 'identity' far beyond gender and this one touched me very deeply. Sending all love to this divine soul.

Hey Anna!...or do you prefer Andi now? Happy to go either way!

I just wanted to let you know I am finding your blog so fascinating and inspirational. You honestly bring tears to my eyes and I cannot believe the strength that you have.

Although our journeys are extremely different, I too am challenged by my sense of self this year. I found out after Xmas last year that I was adopted...yes 38 years after the fact. It felt like everyone/ everything that I knew to be true was no longer and my life will never be the same. I googled and found my birth mum on Facebook only 5 weeks later and we are communicating nicely via email although I am still a massive secret in her life - not sure when I will be acknowledged publicly and to my "sisters" but happy to just get to know here a little for now. She doesn't know who my father is.

As you can imagine, it has been quite the year of ups and downs and just feeling so alone in this world as if no-one I can only imagine the thoughts going through your head with your identity crisis! Although I know I am still the same me deep down I felt like an empty shell . I am very blessed to have my husband and children but it is a strange feeling not knowing who you are so listening to your journey as you go, is actually really quite interesting to me and my journey.

I just wanted to let you that you are helping more people than you realise with your blogs and just wanted to say THANKYOU!!!

Lots of love and continued good karma to you!

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