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Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A small insignificant post

I just wanted to share that I bought my first razor and can of shaving cream today. It was a very confusing and funny experience. I must have been standing there at the shelf in Woolworths for at least 20 minutes debating between Gillette & Shick varieties.

The more important question I have though is what's with all the varieties of disposable razors?? Surely that's not totally cool for the environment. Do men go through one a day - that's 365 bits of plastic a year being thrown out per man. You know what I mean??? Anyway small observation. Chin & moustache whiskers (eww I might add - definitely taking some getting used to!) all sorted ... for now!


  1. I am very happy for you! Have a good and a healthy year 2011! Hugs, Anja

  2. Never do disposable razors, they cut your face to shreds - but maybe that is something you will have to learn by experience ;-)

    Also not related to the razor experience but still related to facial hair! - it's the eyebrows Andy!! - lose the tweezers!

    Hope 2011 is the best so far xx

  3. andy,

    as someone who has never really had to shave all that much (i don't grow any hair on my neck and barely any on my chin and a mustache takes about 5 weeks) i recommend getting an electric razor. i end up roughing up my face if i use a disposable, though i will use a gilette mach III if i have to have a super close no shadow shave for a special occasion.

    you're always welcome in venice.



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