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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon Update of what's next

I wanted to post a quick update on what's happening. Obviously you'll see above there have been quite a few media opportunities that have come my way, which has been fabulous to share a little more with the wider communities about what transgender is about (from one person's perspective that is, as I still stay strong in the belief that this is a very different and personal journey for anyone undertaking it) even though criticism has come from within the Australian trans community as to the level of depth and exposure that has taken place.

It has been amazing to see in my web stats that the 2DayFM interview has been played over 1000 times and reached people in not only Australia, the UK and US but also to the UAE, South Africa, Belgium as well as other parts of Europe and Asia...thanks Kyle & Jackie O - love you guys!!! But also huge thank you to Madison and The Circle as well for taking such a loving interest in this topic. Other transgender people and parents of transgender people continue to contact me daily asking questions which I can see is helping many, so hats off to you all in the media for making such a difference to these lives in the community!!

I'm now refocusing back into the process, with an increased work out regime that is starting this week, along with some more video blog filming, and also most importanly surgeon research. I have a few appointments lined up with different surgeons discussing options of the best way forward for me which I will share shortly. My next goal is to undertake some surgery that is as least invasive as possible, to be able to officially change my gender over on Medicare and on my birth certificate, so I can travel back to the US later this year for acting purposes, on a male passport.

I should have more information on the outcome of these doctors meetings within the next 2 weeks and will be sure to keep you up to date as I make the next phase of decisions!!

Much love to all again for taking such a keen interest in this topic xxx

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  1. Fantastic!! Very excited for you. Can't wait for to hear how it goes..


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