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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who Really Knows Whats Going On - A Trans Every Day Dialogue on the 'Red Tape'

Hi Andy,

Congratulations on your recent surgery and legal change of gender by the Births Deaths & Marriage (BD&M) Registry.

It would appear that BD&M accept a hysterectomy as sufficient to meet their requirements to change gender on the birth certificate for FtM's; is that correct?

It seams a little at odds with the MtF requirements where removal of the testicles would not be considered sufficient. Even on hormones the reproductive capabilities are removed through chemical castration. It is my understanding that they need documentation that a full Gender or Sex Reassignment Surgery has been performed for MtF.

Were you able to get anything from BD&M that documented their requirements for gender change recognition.

I have changed all my name and all my documentation to female, however I am still stuck with a male passport. I do have to travel overseas with work and it really makes things very difficult.

I think the whole focus on gender in government documents will be removed when we have same sex marriage rights in Australia.

Best Wishes



Hey K,

God this stuff is such a can of worms isn't it!

I didn't know it was so specific for the M2F community. As far as I am aware (still learning big time) for the BD&M registry in NSW you just need 2 doctors to sign a stat dec that they have performed an 'affirmation procedure' as part of the transition. I haven't read anywhere anything legally outlining what is counted as a procedure, just lots of other trans guys thoughts...

The two doctors I got obviously were firstly the endocrinologist (hormones) and this gynaecologist - neither had to outline what they actually did as part of their procedure. I know another guy did it just with having his breasts removed and hormones with nothing at all done down below, however I hear from other trans guys this shouldn't have been allowed legally and it's slipped under the radar. Not that I am aware of anyone who checks the radar?!

The only thing I do know is that this is the policy in NSW and is most easily done if you were born in NSW and have a NSW birth certificate...being born outside the state makes it more difficult and I know this isn't the procedure in other states, in Perth I think they are still legally fighting to get it so a hysterectomy is enough, without needing any phallo or medioplasty ... nothing is consistent.
 I hope that helps shed a little light on the clear as mud situation that this is with was challenging on Monday for me submitting everything, the 3 people I had to deal with all were confused with how much to charge me and what the process was, it seems to me not many people know exactly what is going on really.


  1. Hey dude sorry to hi-jack but FWIW:

    Victorian-born people who have undergone sex affirmation surgery can apply to have their change of sex recognised on their birth certificate. Non-Victorian born people who currently live in Victoria (and have lived in Victoria for the past 12 months) can apply for a Recognised Details certificate that recognises their change in gender.
    To apply for a change of sex on a birth certificate or a Recognised Details certificate, complete an alteration of sex application form.

    Thats off the BDM Vic site - again what exactly constitutes "sex affirmation surgery" is up for interpretation memory I read somewhere once it should be a procedure where you can no longer function as a member of your original sex, if that makes sense.
    For FTMs check out:

    To change passport you obviously need the birth cert however you can get a passport with no sex marker. Please see:

    Just what I have found in my research mate.


  2. Cheers J - all interesting stuff!


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