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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Women Say Something V3.0: The Real "F" Word - Wed 23 November 2011 Slide Bar, Sydney

Women Say Something is a Speaking Series that takes exceptional panels of women who meet in the style of "THE VIEW" to talk, debate and ponder what really matters today in our many diverse communities and the challenges that women still face in overcoming adversity. Members of our female community will have the opportunity to hear from and ask questions from a panel of women, featuring some of the communities most infamous personalities.

It is with great delight to share that I have been invited to be a guest panelist at this event in Sydney next month with the intent of offering up the following:

A somewhat paradoxical perspective on ‘women’s liberation’, and speak of the experience of being seen as female vs. a male within society, as well as some indifference's noted of a medical gender transition from female form to male as opposed to the other direction.

I imagine this decision will generate both strong interest and criticism and I invite anyone interested to come and join in this event. 

Ticket purchase information will be detailed soon at: Women Say Something V 3.0 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

pure and simple...this is just going to suck!

Well I'm a little deflated this afternoon ...

It's been a really good week thus far, the new hormone is circulating fine, I'm busy with work and other creative projects which are progressing well. This was topped off last night with a really inspiring occurrence, when I clocked that my vimeo video log has been viewed by a large amount of people in over 83 countries. It's a really lovely gift to have the awareness that humanity far and wide has taken an interest in this process.

And then the 'other' side of things has decided to rear it's little head (hm!) ... I have to say it's been a fairly intensive process this past month changing over all my identification from old name and gender to new name and gender, some institutions have been great, others such as the RTA have been appalling in terms of their customer service and willingness to make a simple change happen with minimum fuss.

I truly felt I was at 'the light at the end of the tunnel' phase with this part, and now this afternoon I've just been made aware, that the one final trust account I haven't yet changed over (a joint one with family members) is going to require a HUGE amount of work on my behalf to amend this. And when I say HUGE, I'm not talking paper work...the pages of forms to fill in are fine...what currently is making me feel entirely uneasy is the process involved which going to require at least 3 signatures on different letters from not just me, but my father (who I haven't seen now and barely spoken to now for about a year) and brother. And on top of this, for the amendment to go through they both have to provide as well as I, two forms of their own identification which then needs to be certified by a JP too. Safe to say today, little over bureaucracy with a capital O. This is going to be the most challengful thing I have ever done in my life ... so this evening I chose to feel grumpy ... hmpf! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a refreshing reminder that it's ok to not know anything about anything

Life, as always, continues to give what I can only describe as some awesome reminders that it's ok to not have everything worked out or have all projects sorted. I don't think we ever can, even though there is a big part of me that LOVES having it all worked through ...because only then can I truly relax (ha ha ha!). 

I've experienced a few out of the blue challenges over the past couple of weeks, but today I can reflect and sit with the reminder that, nothing ever stays the same for long, and if at any moment there's a whole lot of curve balls coming your way, it's ok just to let em hit you, say ouch, and wait for the next thing to unfold...rather than using energy trying to catch, dodge and manage the entire situation.

I can undoubtedly say from experience that synchronicity and coincidences are more common these days than anything else in my life really. I know that this process is taking me places it needs to and giving me all the lessons (and perhaps a few more!) along the way.

To speak specifics, after experiencing the minor 'emotional storm' that hit me the other week, (and now if one goes for the complete 'cliche' and says) the sun is definitely out again. These past 2 days have just blown me away with what has unfolded, without me doing anything really.

Firstly the other evening, I had my thoughts focused to NYC and travelling back there next year, (while I was singing, 'Empire State of Mind' to the deaf cat in the apt I live in) and behold, I checked Facebook mid verse, only to find a kind stranger who'd found my YouTube channel and happened to live in NY, just wanting to connect, say hi and give his thoughts on what he'd watched. Such a simple delight that hugely made my evening, and was entirely spooky with it's timing!

Secondly, I've been stalling on booking a surgeon appointment over in Perth, basically just out of fear of not knowing where I'd stay, when I'd go, what the cost would be etc etc and finally yesterday I kicked myself in the butt (metaphorically, not that flexible!) to just call and book in a random date. I did this, and no longer than 12 hours later, by chance I was up early (after being gently dragged to 6am boxing by my gorgeous flat mate) wandering what the heck I'd do with my morning as all of a sudden I had an extra 3 hours to play with that is usually dedicated to find a fb message from a fellow transfriend from Perth who'd just arrived in Sydney and wanted to know if I was free to catch  up. We had brunch and not even 10 mins into the conversation did he remind me that he lives 10 mins way from this surgeon and I can stay with him if it'd help. Ummm right?!?!

And lastly I thought to myself, it'd be really handy to have some extra cash flow come my way to not have to dip into savings for this trip to Perth...only to be greeted today by a plethora of emails from one of my jobs asking me if I wanted all these extra shifts...

Oh and not to mention my flat mate is migrating OS soon so I needed to find a new place to stay. I happened to have a coffee catch up with a friend last weekend (medical doctor & actor - nice mix for me really!) who has a spare room and mentioned they needed a little extra cash ... so bob's your uncle I have a new place to move to next month.

A week ago, I had no idea what to do about Perth and whether I should go check this surgeon out, where I'd be living next month and if I'd still know people when I get to NY next year (to name just a few).

So in conclusion it's just such a beautiful reminder for me again to know that it's ok to give up planning life and where it's all heading ... that question "where do you wanna be in 5 years time" which is drilled into us if we want to live a 'successful life' (whatever that means!) from so many authority figures, I now confidentially answer "I have no idea but I can't wait to find out" because life seems to be doing a pretty amazing job at sorting out where I need to be and what I'm meant to be doing. I don't have a clue until it happens, and that is the most relaxing place to be in, because I know wholeheartedly there is something bigger orchestrating a lot right now. I'm just gonna trust and (as a wise person I know always says) "be a shark in the water looking for clues and just follow the bread crumbs" ... thank god for that! 

More soon!!  

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