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Thursday, October 13, 2011

pure and simple...this is just going to suck!

Well I'm a little deflated this afternoon ...

It's been a really good week thus far, the new hormone is circulating fine, I'm busy with work and other creative projects which are progressing well. This was topped off last night with a really inspiring occurrence, when I clocked that my vimeo video log has been viewed by a large amount of people in over 83 countries. It's a really lovely gift to have the awareness that humanity far and wide has taken an interest in this process.

And then the 'other' side of things has decided to rear it's little head (hm!) ... I have to say it's been a fairly intensive process this past month changing over all my identification from old name and gender to new name and gender, some institutions have been great, others such as the RTA have been appalling in terms of their customer service and willingness to make a simple change happen with minimum fuss.

I truly felt I was at 'the light at the end of the tunnel' phase with this part, and now this afternoon I've just been made aware, that the one final trust account I haven't yet changed over (a joint one with family members) is going to require a HUGE amount of work on my behalf to amend this. And when I say HUGE, I'm not talking paper work...the pages of forms to fill in are fine...what currently is making me feel entirely uneasy is the process involved which going to require at least 3 signatures on different letters from not just me, but my father (who I haven't seen now and barely spoken to now for about a year) and brother. And on top of this, for the amendment to go through they both have to provide as well as I, two forms of their own identification which then needs to be certified by a JP too. Safe to say today, little over bureaucracy with a capital O. This is going to be the most challengful thing I have ever done in my life ... so this evening I chose to feel grumpy ... hmpf! 

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