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Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Men and Women are from Planet Earth

Men have testosterone running through their system, and women have oestrogen running through theirs (mainly - even though its greyscale). The body lives on planet Earth. I have a feeling it’s as simple as that without us really having to venture up to Venus or Mars to explain things, unless you have the desire to live on another planet ...  could be fun for day or so... but remember to come back to earth ok?! I’ll miss you too much otherwise!
Ok so what I am getting at? For those of you who caught that deemed ‘controversial’ 2DayFM Kyle & Jackio interview last year and were able to listen past the ‘vagina comment’ without changing the station, you may recall me saying how we all live in our own world. I still get perplexed daily with how we actually carry on each day harmoniously without killing each other more so than we do!
Here is what I mean; I feel pretty confident to say now I can experientially articulate the differences between the two hormonal systems running the planet, and if I had the chance to sit down with GOD for a day, this truly would be my first question ...
sooo GOD buddy, pal, thanks for the gift of life and all that, but come on, really! What is the dealio here with this part of the gender design, it’s a little flawed and a tad f*cked up, don’t you think? I mean seriously, women for at least one to five days a month for no particular reason (even though they try find one) feel crazy, hopeless, flat, lethargic, teary, angry and then flip the coin; for a few other days per month they just want to jump a guy beyond all rational rhyme or reason ... and THEN you go and throw in MEN to the mix who have a natural instinct to kill and are just frickin angry, horny and hungry all the time?! Don’t even get me started with adding in the whole menopause thing or ‘grumpy old man’ syndrome. Is this truly divine design? I mean cave man days sure, but is it actually necessary in this day in age or is it purely to provide you with comic relief up there...just tell me, I can totally handle the truth?”
Clearly I’m speaking of hormones, which for me, have a LOAD to answer for in relation to world wars and everything else going on today that we’re trying to ‘fix’ externally...hmmm!
Reason this is forefront for me this week; I had my three monthly testosterone injection yesterday. I chose to have it a couple of weeks early, this is safe based on the research I’ve done, and truthfully it’s because I’ve been feeling a little less than stable this past week and a half which can be an indicator of low levels ... just in terms of focus, awareness, anxiety, and questioning purpose.
I totted off and purchased my reduced from $159 to $35.95 testosterone now that the Government health care system deems me male; lovely nurse, helpful pharmacist etc BUT swear to God, within an hour and a half, I was so royally pissed off and angry and frustrated about everything. Those little things that had been niggling me went from “Yeh that’s cool, things will sort themselves out TO oh now I’m just totally pissed about it all, EVEN THE GOOD THINGS, I am just so angry that I now have to go off to a vocal lesson which I enjoy with a really ‘hot older woman’ teacher, grr! ... Frickin red lights, SHUT UP lawn mower man, it’s too hot ...f$ck! ” (and it continued – but happy to report after a gym session and a nap I am feeling a lot better today!)
I feel quite lucky to have the awareness greater than this, to hold myself in it, rather than going and punching someone that’s annoying me or in my space at the time, BUT I can certainly see how this happens beyond reason in the world.  It truly does amaze me how we get existence working harmoniously the way we do with ‘all of this’ running the show in people a lot of the time ...
“I guess you’ve got it worked out GOD even if I don’t always understand it”

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  1. What we need is for everyone to experience both sets of hormones to be able to sympathise with the opposite gender. I certainly do now that i have been both.


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