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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Forums

This post is really for those interested in knowing a bit more about the "daily life" activities of a person mid transition. For whatever reason I was reading an email this morning and the truthful absurdity of it and what I'm actually doing at this point in time, just made me laugh. 

Since commencing the medical transition component of this process, I've come across some really great closed online forums to discuss and put out ANY question one may not know yet, to others further along their process. I get daily email digests of all the communications back and forth to read about. It includes other people's successes, challenges, worries, struggles - just the truth of it really! I sometimes wish that other groups I am a part of would do more of this as well, talking about whatever is happening in life, may even help with the suicide rate in this country today (check out page 52 of the March madison magazine).

I do laugh these days when I hear others criticise their offspring or partners for being 'so disconnected and anti-social' because they always have their head in their computer, IPhone, or whatever other gadget is their connection into the world wide web. Trust me, truthful connection is occurring!! Or on a more personal note, I guess I feel I'm always criticised for having my head in my phone all the time. I've only ever missed my train stop once ... or was it twice? The bus stop was definitely only once!

Anyway digressing! Back to my point, this was the email that came through today discussing the preparation recommended when approaching a phalloplasty (penis) surgeon. Something I envisage will be happening for me early next year, not in Australia, as it's not really offered here; 

I would suggest making a list of your WANTS, NEEDS, DON'T WANTS and what is NEGOTIABLE and posting it to the group, then guys can give you feedback based on that but simply saying that you want to be able to orgasm isn't specific information at all and 99% of the surgeons can give you that. Do you want urethral lengthening? Do you care about the Donor site? What country are you in and how far are you willing to travel? Do you just want the ability to orgasm or specific types of sensation? Do you want sensation through the entire penis or are just parts of the penis possible? Do you care about the number of stages?

Pretty amazing I think, that this is the level of detail and opportunity that is available out there today. That stressed out four year old in me feels a lot better about things ... ‘Dear Santa’...

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