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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, March 26, 2012

A pre-surgery question

I just had a really awesome facebook message banter with a friend and it just felt like a good idea to share;

(her)  Do you ever think to yourself .. that what you are doing is un-natural? like taking medication, having surgeries.. Im all for what you are doing. but do you look at your body like its a should you treat that temple? Do you ever feel like what you are doing is IN A WAY .."superficial" and ...plastic? 

(me) hey thanks for asking such a real qn that i'm sure others think, i guess for me it comes down to a personal definition of what is natural - as in i come from a background of watching a mother die of cancer and see what modern medical treatments to this disease can do to the body, so i was living a fairly natural existence; vego and practicing alternative healing modalities a few years ago, and in living this way my ego set itself up to think that anything other than the way i was living was 'un-natural' - then i find my body and inner voice saying its time to be true to 'myself'' and begin live as the male i know i am, as this soul came in this life to experience a gender i don't find it unnatural now but its taken a big personal journey over a few years to come to this place, hence i can understand why you ask and why people in society think its unnatural. Its not for me, testosterone is what the body uses to express male traits, so I feel its less unnatural than what a lot of foods have in them and the surgeries are purposefully kept small each time. I never need pain killers for more than a day after the op b/c of the alt healing techniques i use, and each surgery is only what I do when the body tells me its ready for it...knowing myself also as part of everything and that we are not separate from anything also is important to know. i know that mod medicine is also part of life force and creation so how can it not be natural? aside from what man and the media tells us is or isn't?!...if that makes sense ... so no i feel more natural now than ever, and I indulge in a LOAD of detox post surgery to support the healing process 

(her) I guess Modern Science and such is quite a complex yet necessary part of life ..these days. I think its interesting you say your "ego" set yourself up. haha.. I guess thats what my ego is doing by questioning you. I find what you are doing to be a real inspiration in this "modern" world as there are so many man made distractions and technicalities of life ... its important to remember that our minds have evolved so much so that medicine is a true reflection of what our minds can be capable of. Knowledge is something purely natural. You are taking advantage of the great knowledge us humans have gained since the beginning of time. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trailer coming soon

In other good news the introductory trailer to the documentary of this story has come together nicely. It's currently being processed through some marketing bits and bobs (and I also need to iron out some media kinks)  

The trailer will be available to view mid April as the first film project under a newly founded production company I'm establishing, with many a stories after this personal one that are going to follow. I'll let you know when this one is up and view-able!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Impro-ing Life

As some of you know, I've been totting off on a Thursday evening to the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe to partake in the improvisation show and theatre sports competition run there by Impro Australia. It's always a lot of fun, hugely terrifying and very insightful as I find whatever I end up doing on stage, somehow relates back to what I am doing in other areas of life...leading to all those questions, did I like that? was that well received? why did that feel so wrong? you hesitated there, why? etc etc etc ... stage time can do wonders for self awareness! It's that whole art/life/art/life/art/life thing and Improv especially is about saying yes to what your fellow improvarians offer to the scenario (so you don't leave them hanging in cyber terror looking like an idiot) and adding to it in some way ... but NEVER try be funny because then u suck!... 

What hit home today again is that this gender change process is still making me so 'moment to moment' vigilant and open to whatever offer is coming from where ever next. As soon as I think I know and start to 'plan'...some internal shift happens in my body and then so it goes, everything else around me starts to do the same ... aka being in the eye of the storm (what was that song?! be great to have it kick in now!). I think I'm getting better at riding it out...sorta, maybe, kinda?!? Haven't killed anyone yet (kidding!!!). I'd say it's a similar feeling to when you ... say ... clean a house and then a 2 year old runs through with dirty feet, throws toys everywhere and looks at you grinning and what are you going to do?!  

As far as I was aware, I'd set up the next month to be working (aka budgeting), training with a new personal trainer to get a bit more meat to the bone, studio acting training and getting this documentary (so far) trailer up and out. Though having a few things happen earlier this week like having one of my credit card numbers hacked and charged up, a few people cancelling things on me, I started to get suspicious, and yes behold, its all just changed again. 

I had a great check up this morning with the surgeon that did my chest work, and like me, I can see he's a total perfectionist (more than happy about this!). He's decided it's best he does another small amendment to the skin, so back we go, week after next, day surgery, and then another few weeks recovery. Work schedule, PT schedule and acting schedule is now all out the window hopefully just for the month ... yep letting go letting go letting go ... so I'll share post surgery what he's doing and let you all see how it's working ... in the mean time letting go ... (internal mantra - 'love the two year the two year old'). 

Next special skill listed on the acting CV is definitely going to be 'professional pin cushion'! ;-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Remember my friend the Qantas Pilot

So it's Sunday afternoon post Mardi Gras ... most people are still going, softy here can only manage ten hours of dancing before I need to call it a day, so I thought I'd give a little blog update instead. For those of you thinking how can I dance for ten hours, well it was to the likes of some of the world's best musicians, and the songs just kept on coming (like the clip below). I did use this time to reflect on the past year and a half and how far I've come (try it yourself I recommend it, particularly while playing this song below) ... and for those wondering, no I didn't pick up, just a pash with an old friend, seemed only polite really - it was good to see her, too much dancing to be done otherwise.

Now you all remember my lovely Qantas pilot can you not, check out how good she's looking :-)

Well she sent me this little note yesterday about the Mardi Gras 'music video' (I use that term lightly!!) I posted this week ... (see above)

Hi Andy. Just thought I'd share with you that I showed my daughter your music video and she loved it. I also explained to her you used to be a girl and now your a man. She said "like you Jess, but the other way around. That's cool." didn't bat an eyelid. I love that my kids understand that everyone is different and that's OK.

How nice is that and kinda the point really (as opposed to the acting - I save that skill for the casting agents). Little people are truly my favorite beings in the world, they get it all judgement free, really really!!

I do feel I should let let you all in on a little secret though, honestly the idea for this video came to me as a Valentine's Day gift for the woman I'm totally smitten for at the moment. Don't get too excited though, she's married and it's going no where fast, although whenever I ask my Ipod shuffle what to do about this predicament, I consistently get the song 'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day'...whatever that means?!

The thing was, because I got a last minute brain wave that I needed a boat to finish the clip in Titanic pose...what boy band love anthem wouldn't really?! ... that delayed production and delivery time, and only by an act of grace, having one of the best editors the world has yet to see working on my documentary with me (trailer coming soon with lots of unseen footage - look out for it next month), she just cut it together in an evening, which just happened to be the day before Mardi Gras. So that's made it a MG special that's been viewed as of today in 22 countries. 

And the even better news, we're now working out how to get me on top of a Qantas A380 for the next one - ;-D ... aren't we Jess...Jess?!

And the person it was meant for? Well she still hasn't seen it yet...but don't worry I'll be sure to let you know what the response is...

Happy Mardi Gras weekend everyone!! x

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