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Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, March 26, 2012

A pre-surgery question

I just had a really awesome facebook message banter with a friend and it just felt like a good idea to share;

(her)  Do you ever think to yourself .. that what you are doing is un-natural? like taking medication, having surgeries.. Im all for what you are doing. but do you look at your body like its a should you treat that temple? Do you ever feel like what you are doing is IN A WAY .."superficial" and ...plastic? 

(me) hey thanks for asking such a real qn that i'm sure others think, i guess for me it comes down to a personal definition of what is natural - as in i come from a background of watching a mother die of cancer and see what modern medical treatments to this disease can do to the body, so i was living a fairly natural existence; vego and practicing alternative healing modalities a few years ago, and in living this way my ego set itself up to think that anything other than the way i was living was 'un-natural' - then i find my body and inner voice saying its time to be true to 'myself'' and begin live as the male i know i am, as this soul came in this life to experience a gender i don't find it unnatural now but its taken a big personal journey over a few years to come to this place, hence i can understand why you ask and why people in society think its unnatural. Its not for me, testosterone is what the body uses to express male traits, so I feel its less unnatural than what a lot of foods have in them and the surgeries are purposefully kept small each time. I never need pain killers for more than a day after the op b/c of the alt healing techniques i use, and each surgery is only what I do when the body tells me its ready for it...knowing myself also as part of everything and that we are not separate from anything also is important to know. i know that mod medicine is also part of life force and creation so how can it not be natural? aside from what man and the media tells us is or isn't?!...if that makes sense ... so no i feel more natural now than ever, and I indulge in a LOAD of detox post surgery to support the healing process 

(her) I guess Modern Science and such is quite a complex yet necessary part of life ..these days. I think its interesting you say your "ego" set yourself up. haha.. I guess thats what my ego is doing by questioning you. I find what you are doing to be a real inspiration in this "modern" world as there are so many man made distractions and technicalities of life ... its important to remember that our minds have evolved so much so that medicine is a true reflection of what our minds can be capable of. Knowledge is something purely natural. You are taking advantage of the great knowledge us humans have gained since the beginning of time. 

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