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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transgender Characters

I had the privilege recently of being invited to read some creative writing pieces being developed by some new up and coming play writes. I was invited specifically in this instance as one of the characters they had been given the opportunity to write for was a transgender male. 

All the scripts given to me to speak were all amazingly beautiful and real ideas of who this person was ... and for me it was quite endearing ... "hi there character on a page, this is you, nice to meet you. And this is me discovering you, sharing who you are through me and my voice at this point in time, cool!". I had fun to say the least. Very seldom that you'll find a transgender character written into a play or theater piece just to exist as a character as part of a story. Quite honoring and refreshing to be truthful.

I giggled and smiled and shared the words as truthfully as I could, and there was one I must admit close to the end of the evening that really did do what I believe writing is meant to do ... touch and move you in a deep way. I mean they all did, but this one specifically has lingered in my thoughts a little post the evening. 

I wanted to share two small segments of it as 'work-in-progress' (not in it's entirety as being new work I don't want to expose it all unless in the presence of the writer.) It was the end point of this piece that I had to use all creativity maturity to speak this without quivering and having my voice catch. Very simple and yet can be the most devastating moment in one's life ...

"when a friend, a family member - or worse still a lover - tells us about they change that they are about to embark on, we wish them all the best. But inside us a small, angry fire burns ...

You are changing, why am I not changing? People are so fragile ...

To get to a point where you are able to change, you first have to admit defeat. 

To yourself.
To yourself. 

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