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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Couldn't have put it better myself ... 'the surgeon'

I came across this post in one of our trans group surgery discussions and as I'm delving into research of my final surgery I couldn't have put it better myself. The way the scales balance or the lack their of, is definitely a tad absurd in my world view. 

Don't tell anyone but we're actually all quite normal, smart intelligent beings ... we know who we are, we always have - but shhhh don't tell the experts I don't think they'll believe you.

Currently where I am at with research;

Australia - no surgeons.

USA - quoted 160, 000 USD - the surgeon is prompt, efficient, to the point, no bullshit to be taken! He has answered every email question I have within 24 hours personally - even on a Sunday. Definitely my first preference at this point as this is good to know how available he makes himself to a patient for after surgery care and questions that may arise. Of course he's the most expensive ;-).

UK - 3 weeks and waiting to hear back on the costings...have found out from a fellow transer that it costs 55,000 pounds. For a UK citizen it is free under the NHS. Despite the lack of contact from the practise I am impressed that the country has set up a hospital / centre specifically focused on this surgery with dedicated surgeons with a multitude of specialities that is actually really required for this surgery. This is second preference.

Serbia - surgeon doesn't do what I require to feel complete - friendly chaps who've referred me to Belgium too.

Belgium - quoted 60, 000 Euros - polite, methodical, sensing a small challenge of listening to my needs and really seeing my body vs 'this is the way it's done'. English maybe a concern here as it is not the practise's first language. 

Canada - quoted 60, 000 CAD

I'm not entirely inspired by this reality!

"I'm heading to Serbia on the 25th. All things considered, this is a huge decision we have to make and most of us have to do so without ever meeting the surgeons beforehand face to face. The thing I hate about being trans is that we have to put our bodies through alot of costly, major surgery, to be done by surgeons we, at the end of the day, have to trust on their word that they can do what they say they can do. I will like others on here, be posting everything I can about my experience in order to aide other peoples decision making, but once again it's my opinion, my experience, my body and the way it heals. 

I would like to see our respective medical professionals who "diagnose" our GID actually give us a detailed plan of surgery and surgeons they have independently assessed and approved. All too often they get us to jump through hoops to "prove" who we are and then we're left to our own devices to try and get the help and surgery we need. We shouldn't have to troll the Internet hoping we find the right surgeon to help us, to put our lives in their hands and hope that at the end of it all we are not left horribly disfigured, dysfunctional or dead. It's irresponsible and unprofessional in a profession that is meant to "first do no harm".

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