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Monday, September 24, 2012

Who Doesn't Love A Busy Body Really!

Dear Susan Weeks,

Thanks for sharing your view and also ouch. It's unfortunate in my world view that you chose to view a human phenomena (and animals too actually - have a google of chickens) with such distane. I truly wander what it is that's happened to you in this life to make you feel such hatred towards a request for a Government to help its transgendered citizens. We are law abiding tax payers and have every right to ask for help in our quest for life supporting surgery, as does anyone who enters into the modern medical arena. I imagine you personally may need some additional financial support in your current life, in which case why not ask for that rather than project this hatred on me and my fellow community who cause you no personal harm.

A transgendered person instinctively feels themselves to be the other gender, or even if you wanted to expand your own world view, believe that gender is grey scale not black and white. They are seeking like all humans to find their true self and live happily and healthily. 

The reality check is indeed happening for us as we chose to step into the change process rather than deny it and live a life of misery (or worse choose to end our lives as 30% of trans people do). I can't speak for what trans people did to survive hundereds of years ago as I wasn't alive then.

Simplistically the phenomena rests with parts of our brain and body physiology running instinctively as the other gender, so it's quite a distressing (painful) existence at times to have this in-congruence. If you felt like playing a bit, why not imagine yourself waking up tomorrow morning in the opposite body, it maybe fun for a day, but then add 11, 686 days to that and you'll be where I'm at, you may feel a little differently about the topic. This life supportive (saving) surgery is far from body mutilation, when you live in a body with the physiology running in this way you'll find it is actually open and welcome to the change (I have a scar healing quite miraculously without a stitch which popped itself out of my chest last week). 

By all means feel free to call me a freak of nature (I quite enjoy that know, Silverchair!!) but please stay away from denying my community what they need, instead ask you local Government for what help you need.



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