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Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My donor arm (please view with caution, this is graphic)

I've been internally debating over whether to share this or not and have decided for me personally that it's ok to do so even if it attracts more negative response than not. Normally this sort of a photograph would only be shown in a private forum. 

The main choice in phalloplasty surgery is to decide which skin you would like to use for the reassignment. The different body parts (each have merits and disadvantages) are as follows; forearm, thigh, lower abdomen, side of torso. Despite my extreme resistance to wanting a chest scar I did chose my forearm for this (right arm as I write left handed), as even though its the most exposing place it offers the most in terms of the artery and amount of nerve harvesting possible which is micro surgically connected by the two teams of surgeons over the 12 hour period (the main reason why it is such a lengthy procedure).

Surprisingly to my surgeon, I have had no pain in this area (most likely due I believe to the body's wanting and agreeance to all of this alongside some potent Journey and NLP tools that I use) and it has been healing faster than he has seen before. I have had a very successful outcome, meaning the skin graft from my upper thigh has taken to it, I have full blood flow going to and from the fingers with one less artery and there is full range of hand and finger motion. 

Currently my carer and dear friend has been re-bandaging this every second day (not for the faint hearted), and this will continue for the rest of the month. In time the scar will heal to be the same skin colour as the hand and upper arm. It will have a slight texture disfiguration, which I plan to restore in the coming years via the medical aid of 3D printing. This is growing as a vastly worthy healing tool in European medical research for a variety of ailments.

Feel free to observe the current state of my forearm below. Further images of my surgery and the healing process will be available to view via the documentary being made around this process 'It's Not About The Sex' in 2015. Thank you for your compassionate viewing here.                                                                                                                                           


  1. Hi Andy

    Thanks for choosing to share this :) I hope you don't mind me asking, did you have electrolysis on your arm prior to surgery? If so, was it for the whole forearm and for how long prior to surgery did you commence with electrolysis? How big a process was this? (in terms of cost, time etc) Thanks again and really glad to hear you're healing up well!

    Oh, ps. Did you end up going with Curtis Crane?


    1. Hi Alex, yes i was advised to do hair removal to ensure the penis wasn't going be hairy, minimises complications while healing too, my arm only had light hair on it & i chose the option of IPL hair removal (intense pulsed light) which to me seemed a safer option than laser or electrolysis, my beautician Dolce Vita Beauty in Newtown did it. You are meant to have 6 sessions over 6 months, i got away with 4 over 4 months at a very generously discounted rate, Ruby the owner supports me hugely, i was charged $40 a go. And yes Dr Crane is who i went with, can't recommend him and his teams highly enough. Thanks very much for your well wishes too. xx

  2. I'm glad you shared this too - gives us all insight into how you're recouping. Sending you love and light xx

  3. Great write up and insight. I hope you've healed well. All the best xoxo

    1. thx for encouragement, greatly appreciated!! x


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