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Friday, July 19, 2013

My Surgery Experience Synopsis ... a few have been asking (again only read if you really want to know)

My surgery experience has been good and personally a bit rough, I had to pay out of pocket so I was a bit stressed about complications as I didn't have more money to go back to hospital if anything went awol.
Dr Crane and his teams were great, I woke up though with blood spurting from my arm & a groin build up (hematoma) from too much blood thinner so had to go in for a second surgery an hour out so was under for about 14 / 15 hrs all up. Then the morphine made me ill the next day so the nurses had a lot to do to stabilise me but they did a great job, by day three I was a-ok. A couple of nurses were a bit random calling me 'she' occasionally, not sure if they meant anything by it (learning process!) but most were awesome. 
The rest of the hospital stay was supportive, although there was a slight argument between Dr and Pharmacist over which pain meds I could leave with. They sent me home with the lesser ones however day one at home, my catheter drainage didn't want to work properly as less fluid was going through me being off IV. This sent my bladder into excruciating spasm and forced pee out my new lengthened urethra (not ideal so soon at all, but luckily the surgery was that good it happened with no problem) and I got the stronger meds pretty quick smart after that. That all settled down after a day with, as per usual, some Journey processing.
Otherwise the healing has been tracking along very well, I did have one other small 'episode'  two days ago when the final stomach cath tube came out, Dr Crane wanted to test how well I cud pee (and to film it as I was his first forearm patient) so he pumped a load of water through this pubic cath tube, and say bladder really did not like that at all. I didn't really pee it out, in fact it all sprayed back out my stomach (visualise a metre high fountain) when he removed the tube, kinda funny for a second, (I cud pee fine anyway) but I didn't really like that as I was crouched over in pain rest of the day spewing & wasn't sure what to do. Luckily that also settled after a day and night of Journey processing and pain meds, it's still a bit painful now and again but I'm just focusing on it all being good now.
I have a follow up to check my arm with Dr Safa (Dr C's side man) next week & hoping he'll say its all good now too...onwards and upwards!

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