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Thursday, July 25, 2013

One month post surgery

I've decided to celebrate my one month / 31 days post surgery mark with cookies and cream coconut vegan ice cream (surprisingly good!) as I'm officially now off my aspirin blood thinning regime and 30 day chocolate / caffeine ban. This has been necessary to prevent blood clots or aka further potential complication to the areas of new blood flow, (truly not trying to be funny) full loss does actually occur rarely after surgery.

I'm feeling quite good and positive, my pain has lessened, walking and carrying light loads seems to fine (no marathons yet!), a few stitches here and there have a bit to be desired but I hope the surgeon is going to be able to help me out with them at an extra check up I've volunteered to have before I fly out to a more beach orientated setting in California this month. In the name of healing it's time to move on from post surgery land.

I'm happy to say that the number of people asking to see my surgery work has dropped quite significantly this week, as much as I appreciate the curiosity, please see my film next year ( 'Its Not About The Sex' the revenues hopefully will help to fund others to make their way to Dr Crane).  And if you are trans email me anytime for the private forum application link, this is important for you to know of and be part of in any case as it has a full library of surgery pics from all regions of the globe where surgery is possible.

My arm is going exceptionally well, I'm now off the 48 hour special xeroform bandaging routine, and onto daily washing in the shower and light bandaging after layering vitamin e moisturiser. My hand has been swelling a little, which we've managed with some bandaging as the arm re-learns lymph drainage from a deeper level (this can take a few months).

I'm exceptionally impressed with how real and normal my member looks, peeing is fine so at the moment I'm entirely grateful that the 30%-40% complication rate of stricture or fistula is not my reality (touch wood as this can still happen for a while yet). I've booked in to have my scrotal implants next March (the final outpatient procedure that still has to happen with the small fee of $15k I'm still to fund somehow?!). And finally I can expect full sensation in the next 5-7 months as the nerves connections grow and become stronger throughout the phallas.

My bladder seems to have minimised its complaints which I am entirely grateful for (as in living can go on now) and I'm still doing a physical body journey process daily which I think is aiding this healing process hugely as well.

I'll check in again soon with more updates as they come to hand...until then enjoy xx


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