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Thursday, August 29, 2013

labels and contexts

I had this conversation recently and figured it was a good point to share as it's not something I give a milli-second's thought to each day (like most of us individually don't wake up thinking about whether we are male or female) but I can see now that for others it is a big topic of thought and conversation when mentioning me. 

I've always struggled with the context of being "transgendered" or a "transexual" because it's box and it's my belief you can't process authentically and healthily in a context box but I know in society people need their box or label to feel safe and comfortable so for that reason I respect it. All I feel I've been doing is shifting along a gender spectrum that isn't as black and white as we're conditioned to believe.

If I have a conversation with anyone now, I don't say I'm trans, I'm a straight male and that's kinda it. I've always questioned why T comes under the GLBTI banner because it's about gender and not sexual orientation. Males who transition can be gay or straight, but then again I see it's about community and belonging and people who transition do need that as the alpha straight white stereotype does on some level get off on ripping this context box to shreds ... a power hungry and fear based bunch possibly?! 

Now that my transition is almost complete I don't consider myself to be "trans", I'm just a person who's transitioned their sex in the past. I appreciate this can and will anger people as I'm not adhering to a label which others like to view me in, or possibly can't help but view me in, but with all I've been through I really don't care (I just don't favour being controlled and boxed in this way). Each individuals view of their own gender is a fluid thing and should only rest with the individuals idea of themselves I believe ... in a perfect world. 

So as I walk around now, I have no control over who's seeing me as trans or knowing me as that person who used to be Anna, but for me, I'm Andrew, I'm an actor / film maker ... and I used to be Anna (if that comes up organically) as my penis passes as a biological one. At this point I don't really plan to be talking about this in 5 years time (unless its related to my art or work) like most of us don't talk about what we did 5 years ago, it's generally tends to be about present matters don't you find?!. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Couldn't agree more. In fact I think all you're doing here is stating, what to me, is the obvious :)



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