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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, December 1, 2013


So I just finished the trans panel discussion at this year's Australian Pride in Diversity Conference:

A very necessary Australian initiative that I applaud and have a huge respect for delegates who take the time in their busy corporate job schedules to attend. I hope more companies year on year start to go as 'Diversity' as a word in Australia truly does need a lot of work and attention. I don't believe Australians realise how backward we in fact are in relation to the rest of the world in SO many areas.

To my point today. It is a very problematic situation to have The Gender Centre NSW - the NSW Government funded body responsible for supporting transgendered people, suggesting that gender in fact does not relate to the sex organs of a person. I assure you it certainly does and in fact it can be excruciatingly painful for a trans person to have to live consistently incongruently in this way. It is in fact why all of the US and UK / Europe have a medical system to support this community with Life Affirming Surgery.  

And although I have no doubt the work done at the Gender Centre is entirely necessary and useful for the community, the mindset publicly communicated that  it is the stance / policy that gender in fact does not factor or relate to sex organs, is in fact a hugely dangerous place to be working from and is  also endangering and keeping a part of the community ill and backward. 

I have three youth trans kids and parents that I have grave concerns recommending getting support from this place as affordable surgery options are in fact VERY necessary for these kids and I have serious doubts whether these individuals will be alive in 3-5 years time if this doesn't change as one has already tried to slit their wrists twice this year (I look forward to you meeting him in my upcoming documentary). It is irresponsible for this place to suggest to these kids that their gender issue doesn't require the help of healing by genital reassignment surgery.

With this in mind please note that your stance is not the belief of some Australian trans men and some trans women I'm sure as well … surgery is highly necessary and needed for a normal quality of life. For those who say they are working for the benefit of the community who are not trans and disagree with surgery -- I would like to challenge you by saying lets change your body make up to the other gender for 30 years and see how you are fairing on this issue physiologically, I have a feeling you may feel a tad differently. 

Please get out of the way and let this country heal trans people the way some people need. I have a feeling the Government decision makers who allocate your funding may be a lot more questioning toward you if in fact one of these youth do commit suicide over the coming years. Sex reassignment surgery does in fact need to be included in the Australian health system the way it is in the rest of first world nations, seriously, start helping get this into the medical system or get out of the way! 


  1. I've always personally felt the gender centre was pretty useless to me as a trans person and in terms of them actually usefully pushing for any kind of policy change, especially medical, but to hear that they are actually actively obstructive is really disheartening...

  2. Well said Andy :) Great to see someone brave enough to express this publically.

  3. Thx. Just being I'm clear I applauds the efforts they go to support gender differentiation in this country and help a lot of people very much in need. It's just necessary as well to support full gender reassignment for those who's transition requires it.


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