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We speak to our NSW #YourChair winner Andrew Guy about his journey as a trans person #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Monday, September 7, 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

My Warrior Women

Okay so bit of an update on this topic as I personally find it to be quite a funny topic in my world ... unfortunately and still for now I keep the majority of it private as at the end of the day as much as the world is 'accepting' of someone like me, I still very much feel the need to protect anyone close to me based on any stigma / society judgement they'd face by 'god forbid' being near to me or shockingly ... even closer !! gah! ;-)

Anyway so with that in mind, I have to bring in one of my favourite quantum physicist quotes here ... that old ball and chain of a one that's been around forever that you may have experienced for better or worse ... the "nothing ever disappears it just changes form" one ... usually I always get reminded of this one when I'm happy someone I personally find annoying has finally left my world, only for another one to show up with similar traits and it's like OMG truly?! 

But not that I find this case with 'my' women of course! people I think do wonder, wow how does someone like him find someone to be with ? ... rest assured I'm all good, irrespective of whether I have a 'someone' around me or not at any particular time, I do LOVE my me time more and more and more ... I just think bachelor life is for me sometimes; you know freedom, quiet time, wake up when I want to, TV remote mine, food choice mine ... just why would you ever go back I think somedays (shhh! I didn't really just say that ... swear!)

But yeah the physics quote, I just tend to find I always seem to come into contact at whatever point with some strong powerful female force of an energy that commands presence (like cue from the wings) at EXACTLY the right time for what I need; it's quite uncanny ... sometimes its sexual, sometimes it's not and you know that's all good, it is what it is ... I've been told before I have this knack with connections (I don't say that arrogantly as I've never said that nor do I feel that way but others do ... some charisma or something ... I don't get it as to me I'm just this weird looking guy thing that's sometimes kinda okay looking depending on if I can get hair product right at the time (a touch and go issue).

So my current conclusion on all this is that I just think the world is full of tribes, I do! Even today, just disguised in a society that operates and dresses and appears the way it does, huge tribes, loads and when we're lonely it's because we're missing our tribe. 

My tribe people, as I say, tend to me these grand strong female presences that arrive at EXACTLY the right moment, always to my relief to help with some issue I'm struggling with (whether it be physically, emotionally, legally, mentally, artistically or employmently) and thank god really! It's always necessary!  

I was in an physical acting workshop a few years ago getting a body correction attended to and once the correction was done her comment was "oh my goodness look at your body, you hold the world on your chest, finally one of my people, great to have you hear" ... I wasn't quite sure what she meant at the time but I do now ... I think we really all do have our people that we are here for and we instinctively gravitate toward one another and generally you recognise this by those you feel repelled by ... as in they ain't your people.

The best way I can highlight this is with a current recent interaction I've had. Not long ago, I bumped into a 'female kind' in a theatre foyer and it was only via retreating to Facebook the next day did we have a proper interaction (love social media) "so hi it's been forever but did I see you at the XYZ yesterday" ... "yes I was wondering if that was you" ... so we hit it off again from there after maybe 10 years or so, not that we were even that close back then. 

Safe to say there's been a BIG reason for that connection that's lead onto a LOT of necessary positive things since that I can't yet speak of but hope to in another few years. And only this past week did this really hit home as we were sitting in a very nice inner Sydney swish proper corporate restaurant discussing "professional matters" and all of a sudden the conversation shifted to a place I don't usually talk about casually over dinner and that was to our spiritual beliefs and practises. So anyway it turns out we've both privately undertaken our own spiritual modality practises and training (loose term) over the past few years but had completely similar experiences ... in summary 'gotten a lot out of it, fought with the leaders constantly, and have had these absolutely weird random moments'. For her, the respective guru dedicated their practise in one of her retreats, started to literally move out of the picture in the Shrine room toward her. 

To someone like me I find this absolutely HYSTERICAL! To my comment "yes XYZ-ji was probably trying to leave the room too" (stop it Andy!) but to the point, people come to these retreats time after time thirsting for some big spiritual awakening, and this gorgeous soul walks in and has this great experience first time much to the anxiety of a lot of other longer term delegates ! boom! in that moment I was like YES this is definitely one of my tribe! And then we went back to our important corporate human rights matters!  

SO my point being, if you're out there and you're lonely, just keep looking for your TRIBE, I promise they're out there, it's all divinely worked out and I'm sure we're all just finding each other again from ancient Cleopatra or Joan of Arc kinda times! I think I must have been some really bad man that burnt witches at the stake to have this life swear to god but whatever! I keep walking so just do the same, stay strong and always be true to yourself with the people you keep company with !!

Dedicated to all my 'warrior women' ;-) ... you know who you are! muah! 



  1. You are one very coragures person to stay true to yourself always keep your held head high i am glad to have met you. People who know the real you. Should be proud to be a part of your life. Anyone who is judgemental in anyway they are the folks you do not need. Stand proud there are many people that can learn from your life works so never give up to teach others is a gift worth sharing with people that want to learn. You have many wonderful gifts an talents to share.

  2. Great article. Oh, and you mentioned hair products. You need hair products. You have hair product emergencies. Yep, I'm one of your warrior women that saved your bacon recently in producing some hair wax LOL I've gone for the 'anonymous' post as you'll know who I am :)

  3. lol ... thanks you two! yes getting hair product correct, bain of my existence! Thx for comments ... love to you both xx

  4. hey Andy, what's happening with your doco film? the one that you were going to send to politicians to help change the health system to increase access to surgery?

  5. Hey buddy! Thanks for the question, in short LOTS!, in length private footage is already with Federal Health and other Politicians as we speak for lobby purposes and was submitted a year or so ago along with a LOAD of other information, this however is all private confidential file and not for public view and likely never will be. Two edit versions of the documentary are in progress, one is in final stages of post production for release into the festival circuit and for TV broadcast early next year as part of its big distribution plan in place and another 'educational edit' is currently concept stage as the editor and co-producer and I still gather relevant scientific research and other interview content for distribution to educational providers of the community (likely still 12 months away minimum) and will go to namely schools, unis, medical institutes etc etc so watch this space, next year will be big! thanks for asking!!


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